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Non sedating anti emetic

Nasal sprays enter the bloodstream more quickly by being absorbed through the membrane lining the nose.Self-administered injections under the skin or into muscle are still quicker acting.Drugs injected directly into the bloodstream act very rapidly but are generally used only in the doctor's office or the emergency room.Medications for headache are available using all of these routes of administration.The choice involves balancing the need for quick pain relief with other treatment considerations as well as convenience and personal preference. Many people find oral medicines the most convenient to take, as well as the most portable.

Drugs taken in the form of pills and capsules are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

Sublingual tablets or lozenges that are held under the tongue to dissolve are another approach.

Also, nausea and vomiting during a migraine attack can seriously interfere with the effectiveness of oral medications.

Oral medications are a good choice for people who have tension-type headache, migraine without nausea and vomiting, or migraine attacks that come on slowly, allowing early treatment.

Sublingual tablets that dissolve in the mouth are usually absorbed faster than medication that is swallowed.

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The same is true of suppositories that are absorbed through the membrane of the rectum.

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